Veronica Bermudez Benito

Senior Research Director
Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI)

Dr. Verónica Bermúdez is a Senior Research Director at QEERI (Qatar Environment Research Institute) where she is the Director of the Energy Center and leads the efforts in research, technology development and innovation in Energy. Prior to joining the organization in 2018, she was Acting General Manager of the Technology Division of the Atsugi Research Center at Solar Frontier KK in Japan. She has also hold a position of Principal Scientist at EDF R&D, Senior Scientist at NEXCIS (start-up) and Head of the Optoelectronic Characterization Laboratory at IRDEP (EDF) in France, between others. She is in the Advisory Board of a number of entities and have been strongly involved with reliability and degradations mechanisms in large power plants with top class PV power plant developers.
Verónica has a PhD in Physics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), and holds a number of international awards for her research activity. She is an Associate Editor in Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy and acts as independent expert for a number of international funding agencies as the European Commission, and European National funding bodies.
She is also the author or co-author of more than 120 scientific papers in renown journals, including Nature, Nature Energy and Science, has deliver a large number of invited and keynote talks in several international conferences, as well as has a relevant patent portfolio. She has extensive experience in laboratory to industry research and technology transfer in the field of Renewable Energy and in particular for solar PV, in almost the whole value chain, from materials development to grid integration for generation, storage and energy management solutions.
She is IEEE Senior Fellow and is actively engaged in promoting science among the youth, with a focus on STEM for women.
Her research interests sustainable energy solutions including and carbon management as an asset for sustainability and carbon Net-Zero industrial solutions.

29 Nov 2022, 15:45
 - 17:00 CET
  • How can module choice and site design mitigate the impact of harsh climates and extreme weather conditions?
  • Are large-format bifacial modules on trackers delivering improved yields with reliable field performance?
  • Understand how new n-type PV modules have been operating in some of the large sites completed in the Middle East region during the past couple of years. What lessons have been learned that can be fed into n-type volume deliveries over the next few years?