Pablo Otín


Pablo Otin is the CEO and co-founder of Powertis, a developer of large-scale PV projects with operations in Brazil, Spain and Italy focused on leading the transition towards corporate PPAs and bilateral markets. Pablo accumulates extensive experience in the renewable energy industry that includes the development of 2+ GW of wind and solar project, and setting up various development platforms in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

1 Dec 2021, 15:30
 - 16:00 GMT (UTC)
Panel Discussion

The goal of this panel session is to understand how the various module supply, technology and testing trends are impacting on third-party testing and supply during 2022.

  • What are the major issues today, creating risk in module supply for large-scale solar sites?
  • Are there common trends being seen when qualifying suppliers and technologies, across different global end-markets?
  • What are the key issues module suppliers need to focus on next year?
  • Does the industry need to have a clear voice in terms of module reliability and widely accepted testing processes
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