Kevin McLelland

Global Construction & Procurement Director
NextEnergy Group
Kevin Mclelland

Kevin joined NextEnergy Capital in January 2018. He began his career as an apprentice Mechanical Engineer – specialising in Marine Engineering. Kevin returned to education to study Aviation & Aeronautical Engineering at Glasgow Nautical College. He then pursued a career in Commercial Aviation, completing his studies and rotary flight training with Bristol Aviation Ground school.

In 2013 Kevin joined an international EPC – Conergy - as a Project Manager, eventually, becoming Project Director and Managing Director. He has overseen the development and construction of approx. 700MWp of projects in both the UK and Europe.

29 Nov 2022, 11:00
 - 12:30 CET
  • Is Europe likely to follow the U.S. Department of Commerce in scrutinizing module supply-chains back to polysilicon & further? What would this mean for most European & Middle East deliveries relying on modules shipping directly from China in the next few years?
  • Will European utilities, Middle East investors, or European-headquartered global corporates enforce PV module suppliers to the ESG-compliant? Will this become the new norm for PV modules used in European large-scale PV deployment going forward?
  • Which third-party entities are auditing PV module suppliers today? Factory audits, traceability reports, supply-chain module component risk analyses?