The 1P Vanguard design underwent significant wind testing. Image: TrinaTracker.

Trina Solar’s tracker manufacturing unit TrinaTracker has launched a 1P single-row tracker, dubbed Vanguard.

The ‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) member said Vanguard was compatible with large-format modules with outputs up to 670W+ and would bolster the company’s range of solar tracker products on the market today.

Trina additionally noted that the product had undergone extensive wind tunnel testing, implemented by wind engineering consultancy CPP, including dynamic, static and aeroelastic wind simulations.

Stability and resistance to wind has emerged as a particular concern for utility-scale PV systems as the incidence of extreme weather events has increased.

Launching the product at this week’s World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Trina also hailed how the addition of clean robots assembled within Vanguard’s 1P design can bolster generation by more than 10% through limiting the impact of sand and dust on system performance.

Oscar Aira, head of solutions sales for EMEA at TrinaTracker, said the features included within the design of Vanguard allowed it to cover for demands in the Middle East in particular.

“Vanguard 1P enriches and strengthen our tracker portfolio and enables us to provide the best tracking solution in every corner of the world,” Aira added.

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